Pittsburgh, PA 15213 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 15213 is located in Allegheny County

15213 Street Addresses

2nd Ave ((3301-3443)) 4th St ((100-198)) 5th Ave ((2301-5023)) 6th St ((1-99)) Ajax St ((3300-3399)) Allequippa St ((1-3799)) Alpena St ((900-1099)) Andover Ter ((4200-4399)) Apollo St ((1-3598)) Argyle Way ((300-399)) Atwood St ((100-499)) Ayers St ((1-99)) Balboa St ((3500-3599)) Bates St ((1-3899)) Baum Blvd ((4600-5399)) Bayard Pl ((100-199)) Bayard Rd ((1-99)) Bayard St ((4400-5099)) Beelen St ((1-2499)) Belgreen Pl ((500-599)) Bentley Dr ((2240-2251)) Bentley Rd ((301-399)) Bernhardt Way ((501-599)) Bethoven St ((3500-3699)) Bigelow Blvd ((1-4499)) Bismark St ((3300-3499)) Blessing St ((500-699)) Blvd of the Allies ((2100-3899)) Boehm St ((3100-3199)) Bohem St ((3100-3199)) Boundary St ((1-599)) Brenham St ((2500-2599)) Broughton St ((700-799)) Buffalo St ((1-99)) Burrows St ((1-2599)) Bus Way ((100-199)) Cable Pl ((2-3598)) Cable Way ((1-99)) Carriage Rd ((900-999)) Cato St ((400-599)) Centre Ave ((3120-5099)) Chesney Way ((200-299)) Chesterfield Rd ((100-299)) Childs St ((1-3799)) Clyde St ((600-799)) Colmar St ((3600-3699)) Coltart Ave ((100-399)) Coventry Rd ((400-499)) Craft Ave ((100-499)) Craft Pl ((3200-3399)) Dakota St ((4200-4399)) Darium Dr ((3500-3599)) Darragh St ((100-399)) Davler Way ((1-99)) Dawson Ct ((3401-3499)) Dawson St ((1-3899)) Denver St ((1-99)) Desoto St ((100-299)) Devon Rd ((1000-1099)) Devonshire Rd ((1000-1099)) Devonshire St ((300-899)) Dimling Way ((1-99)) Dimling Way Pvt ((1-399)) Dollar St ((300-399)) Dorset Rd ((1000-5199)) Dunseith St ((100-299)) Edgehill St ((3200-3598)) Edith Pl ((1-99)) Ellers St ((1-3199)) Ellsworth Ave ((1-5099)) Ellsworth Ter ((1-4899)) Enfield St ((1-999)) Ermine Way ((300-399)) Euler Way ((3300-3699)) Filmore St ((4500-4699)) Fitzgerald St ((1-709)) Forbes Ave ((2300-5199)) Frazier St ((3400-3899)) Frew St ((4800-5299)) Gazzam St ((1-99)) Gold Way ((300-699)) Gorman Way ((3200-3299)) Griffiths St ((3100-3199)) Halket Pl ((200-399)) Halket St ((1-399)) Hamlet St ((3100-3399)) Hancock St ((400-899)) Hardie Way ((2-3399)) Harry St ((3900-3998)) Hemingway St ((1-709)) Henry St ((4500-4699)) Hodge St ((1-99)) Holmes Pl ((100-399)) Holyrood Rd ((5100-5199)) Isis Way ((1-99)) Jamal Pl ((100-198)) Joe Hammer Sq ((3200-3299)) Joncaire St ((300-399)) Juliet St ((3200-3498)) Juno St ((3401-3499)) Kennett Sq ((3100-3299)) Lawn St ((1-499)) Leonard St ((4900-4999)) Lisbon St ((500-699)) Lothrop St ((100-299)) Louisa St ((3400-3699)) Lytton Ave ((100-299)) Mackey St ((1-99)) Margaret Morrison St ((100-5199)) Maripoe St ((4700-4799)) Maurice St ((100-199)) McDevitt Pl ((1-298)) McKee Pl ((100-499)) Melba Pl ((1-99)) Melwood Ave ((200-3899)) Meyran Ave ((100-399)) Mohawk St ((2301-2399)) Monroe St ((3300-3499)) Morewood Ave ((100-1099)) Morewood Pl ((5000-5099)) Naylar St ((301-399)) N Bellefield Ave ((100-399)) N Bouquet St ((1-99)) N Craig St ((1-599)) N Dithridge St ((100-399)) Niagara St ((3100-3399)) Niagra Sq ((3200-3299)) N Neville St ((201-699)) Oak Hill Dr ((100-298)) Oakland Ave ((100-499)) Oakland Ct ((100-199)) Oakland Sq ((1-99)) O Hara St ((3700-4199)) Ophelia St ((200-399)) Orpwood St ((3700-3799)) Outlet St ((300-399)) Parish Ln ((1001-5099)) Parkman Ave ((200-4399)) Parkview Ave ((3200-3799)) Passage Way ((2500-2599)) Penton Rd ((5100-5198)) Pier St ((3800-3899)) Rampart St ((901-3599)) Ridgeway St ((3200-3699)) Robinson Ct ((300-499)) Robinson Ct Exd ((401-499)) Robinson St ((1-399)) Romeo St ((200-3299)) Roselawn Ter ((1-99)) Ruskin St ((100-199)) Saint James Pl ((3400-3498)) S Bellefield Ave ((300-399)) S Bouquet St ((100-3999)) Schenley Dr ((4100-4199)) Schenley Farms Ter ((4300-4499)) S Craig St ((100-499)) S Dithridge St ((100-499)) Seine Way ((2-98)) Semple St ((200-699)) Sennott St ((3800-3899)) S Millvale Ave ((700-999)) S Neville St ((100-499)) Stadium Rd ((3701-3799)) State Rte 380 ((1-5399)) State Rte 885 ((2100-2347)) Sutherland Dr ((3700-3799)) Swinburne St ((2-3898)) Tech St ((100-5099)) Techview Ter ((100-199)) Tennyson Ave ((100-299)) Terrace St ((3000-3699)) Thackeray St ((100-199)) Thora Way ((1-99)) Truro Pl ((4600-4699)) Turner Pl ((1-99)) University Dr ((3800-3899)) University Dr A ((3800-4098)) University Dr C ((1000-4098)) University Pl ((100-199)) Victoria St ((3500-3599)) Virgila Pl ((1-99)) Wadsworth St ((2500-2599)) Wakefield St ((2-3699)) Wallingford St ((4700-4999)) Ward St ((3100-3499)) Waring Ct ((2400-2499)) Warwick Ter ((5000-5099)) Wellsford St ((1-99)) Whitney St ((1-3699)) Whitney Way ((1-99)) Whitridge St ((200-399)) Winthrop St ((4500-4699)) Wolf Way ((3700-3899)) Wyandotte St ((1-2599)) Yard Way ((401-499)) York Way ((200-398)) Zeluma St ((2-98)) Zulema St ((1-599))

15213 Places and Attractions

Aidan Hall Allegheny County Health Department Allen Hall Alumni House - Carnegie Mellon University Amos Hall Andrew Mellon Institute Baker Hall Bellefield Hall Bellefield Presbyterian Church Bellefield Towers Bellfield Presbyterian Church Benedum Hall Brackenridge Hall Bramer House Bruce Hall Carlow College Carlow Interfaith Center Carnegie Library Carnegie Mellon Center form Early Education Carnegie Mellon Center for School Outreach Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University Library Carnegie Mellon University School of Music Carnegie Museum of Arts and Natural History Central District Catholic High School Charles L Cost Sports Center Cheveron Science Center Childrens Center of Pittsburgh Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh Family Care Connection Childrens Oakland Medical Building Christian Campus House Church of the Ascension City of Pittsburgh Collaborative Innovation Center College of Fine Arts Craig Hall Craig Street Shops Curran Hall Cyert Hall Diocese of Pittsburgh Synod Hall Doherty Apartments Doherty Hall Donner House Early Childhood Center Emberly Hall Eye and Ear Hospital Fairfax Apartments Falk Medical Building Fire Station Number 11 First Baptist Church First Church of Christ Scientist of Pittsburgh Fitzgerald Fieldhouse Frances Warde Hall Fraternity Quadrangle Frazier Field Frick International Studies Academy Library Frick Middle School Friendship Community Church Friends Meeting House Gardner Steel Conference Center Gesling Stadium and Athletic Field Grace Library Hamburg Hall Hamerschlag Hall Hillel Jewish University Center Holland Hall Holy Spirit Byzantine Church Information Networking Institute Interchange 3B Kaufmann Medical Building Kennard Playground Latino Catholic Community of Pittsburgh Library For the Blind Carnegie Free Library of Pittsburgh Litchfield Towers London Terrace Apartments Lothrop Hall Lutheran University Center Magee Hospital Magee-Womens Hospital Airport Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall Marybelle Apartments McCormick Hall Mellon Institute Metropolitan Community Church Montefiore Hospital Morewood Gardens Mother of Mercy Chapel Mudge House Neville Apartments Newell-Simon Hall New Hope Christian Community Center Oakland Oakland Catholic High School Oakland Catholic High School Library Oakland Post Office Oakland School Open Door Ministries Pennsylvania Hall Pittsburgh Atheletic Association Pittsburgh Board of Education Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Station 10 Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Station 14 Pittsburgh Chinese Church of Oakland Pittsburgh Institute of Religion Pittsburgh Playhouse Pitt Stadium Planetary Robotics Building Posner Center Posner Hall Presbyterian Hospital Purnell Center for the Arts Rangos Reasearch Center Religious Society of Friends Resnik House Roberts Engineering Hall Rodef Shalom Congregation Ruskin Hall Saint Agnes School Saint Andrews Lutheran Church Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church Saint George Orthodox Church Saint Hyacinth School Saint Joseph Gymnasium Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Saint Pauls Cathedral Saint Regis School Salk Hall Scaife Hall Scaife Hall Schenley High School Schenley Plaza Sennott Square Shady Oak Apartments Shadyside Station Shirley Apartments Smith Hall Software Engineering Institute Sutherland Hall Syria Mosque Tepper School of Buisness Tepper School of Business Thackeray Hall Thaw Hall The Heartwood Institute The John M and Gertrude E Petersen Events Center Thomas Detre Hall of the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic Trees Hall United Cerebral Palsy of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh Medical Center University Pittsburgh Childhood Development Center UPMC Montefiore Hospital UPMC Presbyterian Van de Graaff Building Veterans Administration Hospital Victoria Building Warner Hall Wean Hall Webster Hall Western Pennsylvania School for the Blind Western Psychiatric Hospital West Wing Whitfield Hall William Pitt Union Hall Winchester Thurston School Winchester Thurston School Library WQED-FM (Pittsburgh) WQED-TV (Pittsburgh) WQEX-TV (Pittsburgh) WRCT-FM (Pittsburgh) Yeshiva Mens Organization