New Brunswick, NJ 08901 ZIP Code Map


08901 Schools


  • Paul Robeson Comm
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Roosevelt Elem
  • Mckinley Comm
  • Lord Stirling
  • Livingston
  • Lincoln
  • A Chester Redshaw
  • New Brunswick High
  • Academy For Urban Leadership Cs
  • Greater Brunswick Cs
  • 08901 Hotels

  • Howard Johnson Express Inn - New Brunswick
  • Hyatt Regency New Brunswick
  • The Heldrich Hotel
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    ZIP Code 08901 is located in Middlesex County

    08901 Street Addresses

    4th St ((1-22)) 5th St ((1-30)) 6th St ((1-32)) 7th St ((1-29)) 8th St ((1-26)) 9th St ((1-25)) Abeel St ((1-99)) Adams Pl ((1-99)) Albany St ((1-199)) Alder Ct ((101-298)) Alexander St ((1-99)) Antile Rd ((1-99)) Baldwin St ((1-399)) Ball St ((1-99)) Bartlett St ((1-99)) Bayard St ((1-199)) Bergen Ct ((1-99)) Bethany St ((1-99)) Biel Rd W ((1-99)) Birch Ct ((301-498)) Bishop Pl ((1-99)) Bishop St ((1-99)) Bowser Rd ((1-99)) Bristol St ((1-60)) Brookside Ave ((1-99)) Buccleuch Pl ((1-40)) Burnet St ((1-198)) Camner Ave ((1-99)) Carman St ((1-99)) Carpender Rd ((1-99)) Carter Rd ((1-99)) Cedar Ct ((701-998)) Central Ave ((1-199)) Charles St ((1-99)) Chester Cir ((1-199)) Church St ((1-199)) Class Pl ((1-99)) Cliffe St ((1-99)) Cobb Rd ((1-12)) Cogswell Pl ((1-99)) College Ave ((1-299)) College Farm Rd ((2-98)) Columbus Pl ((200-399)) Commercial Ave ((1-999)) Comstock St ((1-411)) Condict St ((1-99)) Conger Ave ((1-99)) Constitution Sq ((1-99)) Cook Rd ((1-99)) Co Rd 617 ((1-44)) Co Rd 680 ((75-1598)) Co Rd 693 ((1-499)) Cotter Dr ((1-99)) Courtland St ((1-98)) Crescent Ct ((1-99)) Crest Rd ((2-99)) Curtis Pl ((1-99)) Delafield St ((1-105)) Delavan Ct ((1-499)) Delavan St ((1-499)) Dennis St ((1-99)) Dewey Dr ((1-99)) Division St ((1-99)) Dix St ((1-99)) Dogwood Ct ((1000-1299)) Drift St ((1-274)) Dudley Rd ((1-99)) Duke St ((1-19)) Easton Ave ((1-599)) Edgebrook Rd ((1-99)) Edgeworth Pl ((1-398)) Edpas Rd ((100-1299)) Elizabeth St ((1-99)) Ellen St ((1-270)) Elm Row ((1-99)) Evergreen Dr ((501-699)) Fernwood Ct ((1100-1399)) Florence St ((1-99)) Freeman St ((1-99)) French St ((1-299)) Fulton Ct ((100-128)) Fulton St ((100-398)) Gatling Ct ((1-99)) George Ave ((2-99)) Georges Rd ((1-298)) George St ((2-1199)) Gibbons Cir ((2-99)) Gibbons Ct ((2-99)) Gibbons Dr ((2-99)) Goodale Cir ((1-99)) Guilden St ((1-199)) Hale St ((1-399)) Halstead Rd ((1-99)) Hamilton St ((1-398)) Hampton Rd ((1-99)) Handy St ((1-399)) Hardenberg St ((1-99)) Hartwell St ((1-99)) Harvey St ((1-199)) Hassart St ((1-99)) Hay St ((1-99)) Hazelhurst St ((1-99)) Henry Ave ((1-99)) High St ((1-99)) Hildebrand Way ((1-99)) Hiram Sq ((1-198)) Hiram St ((1-198)) Hoffman Blvd ((1-399)) Home News Rd W ((13-19)) Home News Row ((1-99)) Howard St ((1-299)) How Ln ((75-1598)) Huntington St ((1-199)) Industrial Dr ((1-99)) James St ((1-99)) Janine Pl ((1-99)) Jefferson Ave ((1-99)) Jelin St ((1-99)) Jennings Ct ((1-99)) Jersey Ave ((1-1198)) Johnson Dr ((1-99)) John St ((1-199)) John St Exd ((2-98)) Jones Ave ((1-199)) Joyce Kilmer Ave ((1-1198)) Jules Ln ((1-99)) Juliet St ((1-298)) Kempton Ave ((1-99)) Kempton St ((1-99)) Kirkpatrick St ((1-99)) Lafayette St ((2-98)) Lake St ((1-99)) Landing Ln ((1-99)) Langley Pl ((1-99)) Lansing Pl ((1-99)) Larch Ave ((1-99)) Laurel Pl ((1-99)) Lawrence Ln ((1-399)) Lawrence St ((1-399)) Lee Ave ((1-499)) Liberty St ((1-99)) Lincoln Pl ((1-99)) Little Albany St ((100-299)) Livingston Ave ((1-1125)) Llewellyn Pl ((1-99)) Longfield Rd ((1-99)) Lorain St ((1-99)) Loretta St ((1-199)) Loretto St ((2-42)) Louis St ((1-199)) Lufberry Ave ((1-698)) Manor Cres ((2-398)) Manor Ct ((1-99)) Maple St ((1-99)) Mason Ave ((1-99)) May St ((1-199)) Memorial Pkwy ((100-398)) Mine St ((1-99)) Mitchell Ave ((1-99)) Morrell St ((1-99)) Morris St ((1-198)) Neilson St ((1-299)) Newell Ave ((1-99)) New St ((1-299)) New York Ave ((1-299)) Nichol Ave ((1-398)) N Pennington Rd ((1-99)) N Talmadge St ((1-199)) N Ward St ((1-199)) Oak St ((1-99)) Oliver Ave ((1-99)) Oliver St ((3-198)) Oxford St ((1-99)) Park Blvd ((2-98)) Parkview Dr ((1-99)) Paterson St ((1-199)) Paulus Blvd ((1-99)) Pennington Rd ((1-99)) Phelps Ave ((1-198)) Pine St ((1-99)) Plum St ((1-198)) Powers St ((1-399)) Prentiss Rd ((1-99)) Prospect St ((1-99)) Prosper St ((1-99)) Quentin Ave ((1-198)) Railroad Ave ((1-99)) Ray St ((1-199)) Redmond St ((1-399)) Reed St ((2-98)) Regency Manor Dr ((2-198)) Remsen Ave ((1-799)) Renaissance Ln ((1-199)) Reservoir Ave ((1-99)) Richardson St ((1-199)) Richmond St ((1-99)) Riverside Dr ((1-99)) Roberts Rd ((1-99)) Robert Wood Johnson Pl ((1-99)) Robinson St ((1-99)) Roosevelt Ave ((1-99)) Roosevelt St ((1-99)) Rutgers St ((1-299)) Ryders Ln ((1-217)) Sandford St ((1-499)) Seaman St ((1-399)) Seminary Pl ((1-99)) Senior St ((1-199)) Sicard St ((1-199)) Simplex Ave ((1-99)) Society Way ((1-99)) Somerset St ((1-1299)) S Pennington Rd ((1-199)) Spring St ((1-99)) Squibb Dr ((1-99)) S Talmadge St ((1-99)) Starlight Ct ((1-99)) State Rte 171 ((1-250)) State Rte 26 ((1-1125)) State Rte 27 ((1-998)) State Rte 91 ((502-1198)) Stockton Rd ((1-99)) Stone St ((1-99)) Stratford Pl ((1-399)) Suydam St ((1-399)) S Ward St ((1-198)) Tabernacle Way ((19-25)) Talmadge St ((100-299)) Taylor Dr ((1-99)) Terminal Rd ((1-99)) Throop Ave ((1-199)) Townsend St ((1-399)) Triangle Rd ((1-99)) Tunison Rd ((1-199)) Tuthill Rd ((1-99)) Union St ((1-99)) US Hwy 1 ((1-57)) Van Dyke Ave ((1-99)) Voorhees Rd ((1-99)) Wall St ((1-199)) Ward St ((1-399)) Washington Ave ((1-199)) Wellington Pl ((1-399)) Welton St ((1-199)) Wilcox Rd ((1-99)) Wirt St ((1-99)) Woodbridge St ((1-99)) Woodnor Ct ((100-699)) Wright Pl ((1-199)) Wyckoff St ((1-199))

    08901 Places and Attractions

    A Chester Redshaw Elementary School Albany Street Bridge Anshe Emethodist Memorial Temple Anshe Emeth Religious School Antioch Christian Church Ascension Lutheran Church Baker Park Bartlett Hall Basilone Bridge Bayard Street Presbyterian Church Bayard Street School (historical) Biological Sciences Building Bioresource Engineering Buildings Blake Hall Bristol - Myers Squibb Emergency Services Buccleuch Park Bunting-Cobb Hall Cancer Institute of New Jersey Center for Environmental Communication Chang Science Library Chemistry Building and Annex Childrens Specialized Hospital at New Brunswick Chiller Building Christ Episcopal Church Church of God in Christ Church of Jesus Christ Citizens Building City of New Brunswick City of New Brunswick Police Station College Hall Congregation Ahavas Achim Synagogue Congregation Ohave Methodist Synagogue Cook Campus Center Cook-Douglass Recreation Center Davidson Hall Donald Goodkind Bridge Douglas College Douglas Rutgers Child Study Center School Douglass College Center Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center Eagleton Institute of Politics East Brunswick Community Park Ebenezer Baptist Church Ecopolicy Center Edgebrook Elmer B Boyd Park Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Environmental and Natural Resource Science Building Feaster Park Federation Hall First Baptist Church First Methodist Cemetery First Methodist Church First Reformed Church First Response Ambulance Food Sciences Building Foran Hall Gardner A Sage Library Greater Brunswick Charter School Health Sciences Technology High School Hickman Hall High Street Baptist Church Iglesia De Dios Peniel Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences J B Smith Hall John A Lynch Senior Memorial Bridge Johnson and Johnson Child Development Center School Katzenbach Hall Kossuth Park Labor Education Center Landing Lane Bridge Levin Theater Lincoln Elementary School Lincoln Elementary School Annex Lincoln Park Lipman Hall Lippincott Residence Hall Livingston Avenue Baptist Church (historical) Livingston Avenue High School (historical) Livingston Avenue Reformed Church Livingston Elementary School Lord Stirling Elementary School Loree Gym Mabel Smith Douglass Library Magyar Reformed Church Marryott Music Building Martin Hall May Duff Walters Hall McKinley Community Elementary School McLean Reasearch Lab and Agricultural Chemistry Building Memorial Stadium Messiah Pentecostal Church of God Middlesex County Courthouse Middlesex County Jail Mile Run Mill Brook Morris Goodkind Bridge Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church Nabisco Center for Advanced Food Technology Nativity Blessed Virgin Mary Church New Brunswick New Brunswick Adult Learning Center School New Brunswick Art Center New Brunswick City Hall New Brunswick Engine Company Number 40 New Brunswick Engine Company Number 5 New Brunswick Fire Department Engine Company 1 / Ladder Company 1 New Brunswick Fire Department Engine Company 2 New Brunswick Fire Department Engine Company 5 New Brunswick Free Public Library New Brunswick Gas Distribution Heliport New Brunswick High School New Brunswick Industrial Park New Brunswick Islamic Center New Brunswick Main Post Office New Brunswick Theological Seminary New Brunswick Vocational School New Theater Nicholas Muisc Center Nicholas Residence Hall NJAES Research Greenhouse Paul Robeson Community Elementary School Paul Robeson Community Elementary School Annex Perry Hall Pitman Methodist Church (historical) Poile Zeda Cemetery Poile Zedek Synagogue Raritan Engine Company Number 4 Raritan Gardens Redshaw School Rivoli Theatre (historical) Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Heliport Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - New Brunswick Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Roosevelt Elementary School Rutgers Rutgers College of Agriculture Rutgers Helistop Sections A and B Heliport Rutgers University Rutgers University New Brunswick Ruth Adams Building Ruth Dill Johnson Crockett Building Sacred Heart Church Sacred Heart Elementary School (historical) Saint Alban's Episcopal Church Saint James Methodist Church Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church Saint John the Evangelist Church Saint Joseph's Greek Catholic Church Saint Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Saint Ladislaus Church Saint Ladislaus School Saint Mary of Mount Virgin Church Saint Mary of Mount Virgin School Saint Mary's Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Saint Peter And Pauls Slovak Greek Catholic Church Saint Peters Cemetery Saint Peters High School Saint Peters Lyceum Saint Peter's Roman Catholic Church Saint Peters University Hospital Saint Peter the Apostle Elementary School School of Management and Labor Relations School of Saint John the Baptist Scudder Hall Second Reformed Church Seventh Day Adventist Church Sharon Baptist Church State Theatre Strand Theater (historical) Suydam Street Reformed Church Tabernacle Baptist Church Thompson Hall University Inn and Conference Center Voorhees Chapel Voorhees Residence Hall Waller Hall Washington School (historical) Westons Mill Pond Westons Mill Pond Dam Westons Mills Willets Health Center Willow Grove Cemetery Woodbury Hall Woodrow Wilson Elementary School WRSU-FM (New Brunswick)