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06511 Street Addresses

Academy St ((1-99)) Adam Clayton Powell Pl ((1-99)) Admiral St ((1-199)) Albert St ((2-98)) Anderson St ((1-99)) Anita St ((1-199)) Argonne St ((1-99)) Artizan St ((1-99)) Ashmun St ((1-398)) Auburn St ((1-199)) Autumn St ((1-199)) Avon St ((1-199)) Bassett St ((1-399)) Batter Ter ((1-99)) Beaver Hill Ln ((1-99)) Beech St ((1-99)) Beechwood Ln ((1-99)) Beers St ((1-199)) Bellevue Rd ((1-599)) Bishop St ((1-299)) Blake St ((1-146)) Boulevard ((300-1899)) Bradley St ((1-204)) Brewery St ((1-99)) Brewster St ((1-99)) Bridge St ((1-199)) Bristol St ((1-199)) Broadway ((1-198)) Brownell St ((1-199)) Brown St ((1-99)) Burns St ((1-99)) Butler St ((1-186)) Canal St ((1-199)) Canner St ((1-499)) Carmel St ((1-199)) Cave St ((1-99)) Cedar Hill Ave ((100-199)) Chapel St ((1-1799)) Charles St ((1-99)) Cherry Ann St ((101-199)) Chestnut St ((1-199)) Clark St ((1-199)) Cliff St ((1-199)) Cofield Way ((1-99)) Cold Spring St ((1-199)) College St ((400-599)) Colony Rd ((1-299)) Compton St ((1-99)) Constance Baker Motley St ((2-98)) Cottage St ((1-199)) County St ((1-299)) Court St ((1-199)) Crescent St ((1-599)) Crown St ((1-499)) Daisy St ((1-99)) Davenport Ave ((1-15)) Day St ((1-299)) Derby Ave ((1-206)) Dickerman St ((1-99)) Division St ((1-398)) Dixwell Ave ((1-899)) Dorman St ((1-199)) Dwight St ((1-299)) Dyer St ((1-299)) Eagle St ((1-199)) East St ((1-699)) Edgehill Rd ((1-245)) Edgewood Ave ((1-606)) Edwards St ((1-399)) Eldert St ((1-99)) Eld St ((1-99)) Elizabeth St ((1-199)) Ella T Grasso Blvd ((100-1899)) Ellsworth Ave ((1-699)) Elm St ((1-1099)) E Rock Rd ((1-398)) Everit St ((1-299)) Fair St ((1-99)) Foote St ((1-99)) Ford St ((1-99)) Foster St ((1-299)) Fournier St ((1-199)) Frances Hunter Dr ((34-99)) Francis Hunter Dr ((1-99)) Franklin St ((1-299)) Garden St ((1-99)) Gem St ((1-99)) George St ((1-899)) Gibbs St ((1-99)) Gilbert Ave ((1-199)) Glen Rd ((1-299)) Goffe St ((1-399)) Goffe Ter ((1-299)) Goodyear St ((1-199)) Grace St ((1-99)) Grand Ave ((546-1099)) Greene St ((200-399)) Greenwood St ((1-199)) Gregory St ((1-99)) Grove St ((1-299)) Hamilton St ((1-299)) Harding Pl ((1-99)) Hazel St ((1-299)) Henry St ((1-299)) Highland St ((1-299)) High St ((1-199)) Hillhouse Ave ((1-99)) Hillside Pl ((1-99)) Hine Pl ((1-99)) Hobart St ((1-199)) Hotchkiss St ((1-99)) Howe ((100-198)) Howe St ((1-199)) Hubinger St ((1-199)) Hudson St ((1-199)) Hughes Pl ((1-99)) Humphrey Sq ((1-99)) Humphrey St ((1-499)) Huntington St ((1-599)) Irving St ((1-99)) Ives Pl ((1-99)) Ivy St ((1-299)) Jefferson St ((1-99)) John Daniels Pl ((1-99)) Judson Ave ((1-199)) Kensington St ((1-199)) Lake Pl ((1-199)) Lander St ((1-99)) Lawrence St ((1-399)) Lilac St ((1-199)) Lincoln St ((2-99)) Linden St ((1-299)) Livingston St ((1-499)) Lock St ((1-99)) Long Wharf Dr ((1-698)) Loomis Pl ((1-99)) Lyman St ((1-99)) Lynwood Pl ((1-99)) Lyon St ((1-199)) Mansfield St ((1-499)) Maple St ((1-299)) May St ((1-199)) Mead St ((1-99)) Mechanic St ((1-199)) Miller St ((1-199)) Mill River St ((1-199)) Mitchell Dr ((1-298)) Moreland Rd ((1-199)) Motley St ((1-99)) Munson St ((1-399)) Nash St ((1-199)) N Bank St ((1-99)) Newhall St ((1-590)) N Frontage Rd ((1-99)) Nicoll St ((1-398)) Northwest Dr ((1-99)) Norton Pkwy ((1-599)) Norton St ((1-599)) Ogden St ((1-399)) Olive St ((1-199)) Orange St ((301-899)) Orchard Pl ((1-99)) Orchard St ((166-898)) Osborn Ave ((1-299)) Osborn St ((1-15)) Park St ((34-299)) Parmalee Ave ((1-99)) Pearl St ((1-199)) Pelham Ln ((1-99)) Pendleton St ((1-199)) Percival St ((1-99)) Pine Rock Rd ((1-99)) Platt St ((1-99)) Pleasant St ((1-99)) Pond St ((1-199)) Porter St ((100-199)) Powell Dr ((1-99)) Prescott St ((300-898)) Prospect Pl ((1-99)) Prospect St ((2-820)) Read St ((1-199)) Reservoir St ((1-199)) Ridge St ((1-99)) Rock St ((1-199)) Rockview Ter ((1-99)) Roger White Dr ((1-199)) Roydon Rd ((1-299)) Sachem St ((1-199)) Saint John St ((100-399)) Saint Ronan St ((2-499)) Sargent Dr ((1-599)) Scranton St ((1-298)) Sheffield Ave ((1-299)) Sheldon Ter ((1-199)) Shelton Ave ((1-454)) Shepard St ((1-131)) Sherman Ave ((1-983)) Sherman Ct ((1-299)) Sherman Pkwy ((1-983)) Sperry St ((1-99)) Stanley St ((1-99)) Starr St ((1-299)) State Hwy 10 ((160-1478)) State Hwy 34 ((1-1137)) State Hwy 63 ((472-1478)) State St ((3-1654)) Stimson Rd ((1-299)) St John Con ((1-99)) St John St ((1-199)) St Ronan Ter ((1-298)) Temple Ct ((1-399)) Temple St ((184-499)) Thompson St ((1-199)) Tilton St ((1-99)) Tower Pkwy ((1-199)) Townsend St ((1-99)) Trumbull St ((1-99)) Union St ((1-99)) University Pl ((2-98)) US Hwy 1 ((83-299)) US Hwy 5 ((1100-1654)) View St ((200-399)) Wallace St ((101-299)) Wall St ((1-199)) Walnut St ((1-99)) Warren Pl ((1-99)) Warren St ((1-99)) Water St ((1-299)) Watson St ((1-99)) Waverly St ((2-99)) W Division St ((300-399)) Webster St ((1-199)) Welton St ((1-130)) W Gibbs St ((100-199)) Whalley Ave ((1-798)) W Hazel St ((200-299)) Whitney Ave ((100-899)) Whittlesey Ave ((1-99)) William St ((1-199)) Willis St ((1-199)) Willow St ((1-399)) Winchester Ave ((1-944)) Winter St ((1-99)) Winthrop Ave ((1-799)) W Ivy St ((200-399)) Woodland St ((1-99)) Wooster Pl ((1-99)) Wooster St ((1-299)) W Park Ave ((1-299)) W Read St ((1-99)) York Sq ((1-199)) York St ((1-399)) Young St ((1-99))

06511 Places and Attractions

Act 2 Theater Agape Christian Center Albertus Magnus College Albertus Magnus College Library Amistad Memorial Anthony Building Chapel Apostolic Church of Deliverance Aquinas Building Atlantic Retail Outlet Shopping Center Atrium Health Care Center Audubon Arts District Baldwin School Ball Spring (historical) Barnard School Barnesville Barry Building Bayview Park Beaver Hills Historic District Beaver Pond Meadows Beaver Ponds Park Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library Bellamy Building Berkeley College - North Berkeley College - South Bethany Lutheran Church Bethany Missionary Baptist Church Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Bikur Cholem Sheveth Achim Bowen Field Branford College Brewsterville (historical) Broadway Squares Calhoun College Calvary Baptist Church Calvin Hill Day Care Center Campus Center Career Magnet High School-Conte School Carver High School (historical) Celentano Building Celentano School Center Church Cemetery Center Church Parish House Center Church on the Green Center for Jewish Life Chapel Day Plaza Shopping Center Chapel Medical Building Chapel Medical Center Chapel on Edgewood Public Library Christ Chapel Christ Church Church of Christ Church of God and Saints of Christ Church Church of the Living God Church of the Redeemer City Point Co-operative High School Cold Spring College Woods Columbus School Community Baptist Church Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Connecticut State Medical Society Connecticut Superior Court Juvenile Court and Detention Center Constitution Square Cosgrove Marcus Messer Sports Center Cross Campus Library Curtis Building Daniel Stewart Plaza Daughters of Isabella Davenport College Davies House De Gale Field Decosta Playground Divinity Quadrangle Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church Dixwell Avenue United Church of Christ Dixwell Health Center Durfee Building Dwight Chapel Dwight Co-operative Houses East Rock East Rock Community School East Rock Global Studies Magnet School Eaton Park Ebenezer Chapel Edgewood Mall Edgewood Park Pond Edwards Abbey Edwards Street School Elliott Learning Center Elm Haven Emanuel Lutheran Church Ezra Stiles College Faith Temple Revival Center Farnam Memorial Gardens First Baptist Church First Church of Christ Scientist First Methodist Church First Presbyterian Church First Unitarian Universalist Church Fisher Building Foote School Foote School Field Franam Courts Playground Franklin Square Friendship Baptist Church Gan School Garden Street Playground Gateway Community Technical School Gateway Community-Technical College Library Media Center George Street Garage Goffe Street School (historical) Good Shepherd Holiness Church Granite Square Shopping Center Greeley Forestry Laboratory Greenbriar Office Greenhouse and Rehabilitation Center Gregson Quarter (historical) Grove Street Cemetery Harkness Building Harkness Tower Helene Grant School Hendrie Building Hertfordshire Quarter (historical) High School in the Community Highland Heights Hillhouse Avenue Historic District Holocaust Memorial Human Relations Area File Library Immanuel Baptist Church Immanuel Baptist Shelter Indian Head Ingalls Hockey Rink Institute of Sacred Music Interchange 1 Interchange 2 Interchange 3 Interchange 46 Interchange 47 Interchange 48 Interchange 6 Interchange 7 Isadore Wexler School Ivy Street School J Edwards College James Hillhouse High School Jenkins Laboratory Jocelyn Square Johnson Laboratory Jones Auditorium Kensington Playground Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Leila Day Child Care Center Lenzi Playground Liberia (historical) Lincoln Bassett Community School Linsly-Chittenden Building Little Rock Church of Christ Long Wharf Health Center Long Wharf Maritime Center Long Wharf Theatre Marian Building Marsh Botanical Gardens Marsh Building Martin Luther King School Masjid Muhammad New Haven Masonic Temple Masonic Temple McAuliffe Building McClellan Building Mellon House Monitor Square Morningstar Church Morse College Mount Gideon Faith Fellowship Mount Hope Temple Mount Olive Church Munson Street Triangle Nazareth Pentecostal Church New Freedom Baptist Church New Guinea (historical) New Haven Chamber of Commerce New Haven Colonial Historical Society Building New Haven Crypt Cemetery New Haven Free Public Library New Haven Green New Haven Green Historic District New Haven Lawn Club New Haven Main Branch Post Office New Haven Nursing Center New Haven Warehouse New Hope Baptist Church Nilan Building North Building One Hundred Second Infantry Regiment Museum Orange Street Historic District Orchard Medical Center Osborne Library Overseas Mission Study Center Payne Whitney Gymnasium Phelphs Triangle Pierson College Planned Parenthood of Connecticut Library Plymouth Congregational Church Polish Roman Catholic League Porter Building Prince Hall Masonic Temple Prospect Gardens Ray Tompkins Building Regis Health Center Rosary Building Saint Anthonys Church Saint Boniface School Saint Boniface School Saint Bonifaces Church Saint Brenden School Saint Brendens Roman Catholic Church Saint Casimirs Roman Catholic Church Saint Francis Home Saint James Unity Holiness Church Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church Saint Johns Episcopal Church Saint Josephs Building Saint Josephs Church Saint Josephs School Saint Lukes Episcopal Church Saint Martin de Pores Catholic Church Saint Martins School Saint Marys High School Saint Marys School Saint Marys United Free Will Baptist Church Saint Matthew United Freewill Baptist Church Saint Michaels Church Saint Michaels School Saint Michaels Ukranian Catholic Church Saint Pauls Episcopal Church Saint Pauls Union African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Raphael Hospital Saint Raphael Hospital Health Sciences Library Saint Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church Saint Thomas Day School Saint Thomas Episcopal Church Saint Thomas More Center Sansbury Building Saybrook College Science Park Building 1 Science Park Building 115 Science Park Building 117 Science Park Building 118 Science Park Building 120 Science Park Building 121 Science Park Building 124 Science Park Building 15 Science Park Building 2 Science Park Building 25 Science Park Building 26 Science Park Building 29 Science Park Building 4 Science Park Building 5 Science Park Building Number 14 Scranton Professional Building Seventh Day Adventist Church Shaw Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Sherman Medical Building Sherman School Sherman Triangle Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Siena Building Silliman College Slate Library Slineyville (historical) Snake Rock Sprague Building State Street Bridge State Street Triangle State of Connecticut Social Services Sterling Hall Sterling Law Building Sterling Library Sterling School Stetson Branch Library The Esplanade The Museum The Museum Laboratory School Timothy Dwight College Timothy Dwight School Trinity Episcopal Church Trinity Temple Church of God in Christ Troup Middle School Trumbll College Ukranian Heritage Center Union Temple United Church of Christ United House of Prayer Church University Theater Upper School Upper State Street Historic District Urban Youth Center Elementary School Urban Youth Center Middle School Verdi Building Vincent E Mauro School WEDY-TV (New Haven) WYBC-FM (New Haven) Walsh Building West River Memorial Park West River Senior Center West River Wildlife Sanctuary Wexler Triangle Whalley Center Whitney Avenue Historic District Whitney Humanities Center Whitney Library Wilbur Cross High School Winchester School Woolsey Building Wooster Playground Wooster Square Wooster Square Historic District Worthington Hooker School Wright Building Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory Yale Art Gallery Yale Co-op Yale Divinity School Yale Post Office Yale University Yeshiva Gedolah Lubavith Chabad Minyan Young Israel of New Haven Zen Center of New Haven