Providence, RI 02906 ZIP Code Map


02906 Schools


  • Nathan Bishop Middle
  • Hope Arts School
  • Hope Information Technology
  • Martin Luther King El. School
  • Vartan Gregorian El. School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 02906 is located in Providence County

    02906 Street Addresses

    10th St ((1-299)) 11th St ((1-199)) 12th St ((1-99)) 2nd St ((1-99)) 3rd St ((1-199)) 4th St ((1-299)) 5th St ((1-299)) 6th St ((1-299)) 7th St ((1-199)) 8th St ((1-299)) 9th St ((1-299)) Abbottsford Ct ((1-99)) Abbott St ((1-199)) Adelphi Ave ((1-99)) Aldrich Ter ((1-99)) Alfred Stone Rd ((2-199)) Alpine Ct ((1-99)) Alton Rd ((1-99)) Alumni Ave ((1-199)) Amy St ((1-99)) Angell ((300-302)) Angell Ct ((1-498)) Angell St ((1-798)) Arlington Ave ((1-299)) Arnold St ((1-199)) Astral Ave ((1-99)) Balton Rd ((1-99)) Barberry Hill ((1-99)) Barbour Dr ((1-99)) Barnes St ((1-99)) Bayard St ((1-199)) Belair Ave ((1-99)) Bel Air Dr ((1-33)) Benevolent St ((1-199)) Bevelin Rd ((1-99)) Blackstone Blvd ((1-799)) Bowen St ((1-299)) Boylston Ave ((1-99)) Braman St ((1-99)) Brenton Ave ((1-99)) Brewster St ((1-199)) Brookside Ave ((1-99)) Brook St ((1-598)) Brookway Rd ((1-99)) Brown St ((1-299)) Burlington St ((1-199)) Butler Ave ((1-399)) Butler Dr ((1-999)) Camp ((1-99)) Camp St ((1-399)) Carrington Ave ((1-199)) Carver Ct ((1-99)) Catalpa Rd ((1-99)) Chace Ave ((1-299)) Chace Dr ((1-99)) Channing Ave ((1-99)) Charlesfield Ct ((1-99)) Charlesfield St ((1-199)) Clarendon Ave ((1-199)) Clarke Ln ((1-99)) Cold Spring St ((1-99)) Cole Ave ((1-599)) Cole Farm Ct ((1-33)) Colonial Rd ((1-199)) Congdon St ((1-199)) Constitution Hill ((1-99)) Cooke St ((1-99)) Creighton St ((1-99)) Creston Way ((1-99)) Cushing St ((1-199)) Cypress St ((1-299)) Daggett Ct ((1-99)) Dana St ((1-199)) Defoe Pl ((1-99)) Dexterdale Rd ((1-199)) Diman Pl ((1-99)) Doane Ave ((1-99)) Dove St ((1-99)) Doyle Ave ((1-399)) Duncan Ave ((1-99)) Duncan Dr ((1-398)) Dwight St ((1-99)) E 1st St ((1-99)) Eames St ((1-99)) East St ((1-99)) Edgehill Rd ((1-199)) Edison Ave ((1-99)) E George St ((1-198)) Elgin St ((1-99)) Elmgrove Ave ((1-799)) Elmway St ((1-99)) Elton St ((1-199)) E Manning St ((1-199)) Emeline St ((1-199)) E Orchard Ave ((1-99)) E River St ((1-99)) E Transit St ((1-99)) Euclid Ave ((1-99)) Everett Ave ((1-199)) Evergreen St ((1-199)) Exeter St ((1-99)) Faunce Dr ((1-99)) Firglade Ave ((1-99)) Fisher St ((1-99)) Fones Aly ((1-298)) Forest St ((1-199)) Fosdyke St ((1-199)) Freeman Pkwy ((1-399)) Fremont St ((1-99)) Gano St ((1-299)) George St ((2-299)) Glendale Ave ((1-99)) Glen Dr ((1-99)) Goldsmith St ((1-99)) Gorton St ((1-99)) Goulding St ((2-99)) Governor St ((1-398)) Graham St ((1-99)) Grand View St ((1-199)) Greaton Dr ((1-99)) Grotto Ave ((1-499)) Gulf Ave ((1-99)) Halsey St ((1-199)) Harian Rd ((1-99)) Hartshorn Rd ((1-199)) Hart St ((1-99)) Harwich Rd ((1-99)) Hazard Ave ((1-199)) Hidden St ((10-99)) Highland Ave ((1-398)) Hillside Ave ((1-193)) Hobart Ave ((1-99)) Holly St ((1-99)) Hopedale Rd ((1-99)) Hope St ((60-1199)) Howell St ((1-299)) Humboldt Ave ((1-199)) Intervale Rd ((1-99)) Irving Ave ((1-299)) Ives St ((1-499)) Ivy St ((1-299)) Jenckes St ((2-99)) Jenkins St ((1-199)) John St ((1-199)) Keene St ((1-199)) Kingston Ave ((1-99)) Knowles St ((1-199)) Lancaster St ((1-199)) Langham Rd ((1-99)) Larch St ((1-199)) Laurel Ave ((1-499)) Laurel Ct ((1-99)) Lauriston St ((1-199)) Lewis St ((1-99)) Lincoln Ave ((1-199)) Linden Dr ((1-99)) Lippitt St ((100-299)) Lloyd Ave ((1-598)) Locust St ((1-99)) Lorimer Ave ((1-299)) Loring Ave ((1-199)) Lorraine Ave ((1-199)) Luzon Ave ((1-99)) Magee St ((1-99)) Magellan St ((1-99)) Manning St ((1-99)) Margrave Ave ((1-99)) Maxcy Dr ((1-99)) Maxons Ln ((1-99)) Mayflower St ((1-99)) McCann Pl ((1-99)) Medway St ((1-299)) Meeting St ((37-299)) Memorial Rd ((1-99)) Methyl St ((1-99)) Miles Ave ((1-99)) Mohawk St ((1-99)) Montague St ((1-99)) Morris Ave ((1-599)) Morrison St ((1-99)) Moses Brown St ((1-99)) Mount Ave ((1-199)) Mount Hope Ave ((1-99)) Mutual Pl ((1-99)) Neighbors Ln ((1-99)) Ninth St ((1-100)) Nisbet St ((1-99)) N Main St ((30-64)) North Ave ((1-99)) Observatory Ave ((1-99)) Ogden St ((1-99)) Old Tannery Rd ((1-99)) Olive St ((1-99)) Olney St ((1-399)) Orchard Ave ((1-99)) Orchard Pl ((1-40)) Oriole Ave ((1-99)) Overhill Rd ((1-199)) Padelford St ((1-99)) Parkside Rd ((1-99)) Paterson St ((1-199)) Peach Ave ((1-99)) Penrose Ave ((1-99)) Phillips St ((1-99)) Pitman St ((1-299)) Pleasant Ct ((1-99)) Pleasant St ((1-299)) Poplar St ((1-99)) Power St ((1-299)) Pratt Ave ((1-199)) President Ave ((1-399)) Preston St ((1-99)) Proctor Pl ((1-99)) Prospect St ((1-199)) Ray Dr ((1-398)) Ray St ((1-99)) Rhode Island Ave ((1-99)) River Rd ((1-99)) Rochambeau Ave ((1-499)) Roger St ((1-99)) Roger Wilms Green ((1-99)) Roome Ln ((1-99)) Rose Ct ((1-99)) Royal St ((1-99)) Ruthven St ((1-99)) S Angell St ((1-199)) Sarah St ((1-99)) Sargent Ave ((1-99)) Savoy St ((1-199)) S Court St ((1-99)) Seekonk St ((1-99)) Sessions St ((1-299)) Sheldon St ((1-199)) Slater Ave ((1-7398)) Smith St ((198-212)) Stadium Rd ((1-99)) Steele St ((1-198)) Stenton Ave ((1-99)) Stimson Ave ((1-99)) Summit Ave ((1-299)) Swan Point Rd ((1-99)) Taber Ave ((1-399)) Taft Ave ((1-199)) Tecumseh St ((1-99)) Tew Pl ((1-99)) Thayer St ((1-399)) Top St ((1-99)) Transit St ((60-299)) Traverse St ((1-99)) Trenton St ((1-99)) University Ave ((1-299)) Upton Ave ((1-298)) US Hwy 44 ((198-212)) Vassar Ave ((1-99)) Villa Ave ((1-299)) Waterman St ((1-499)) Wayland Ave ((1-599)) Weaton St ((1-99)) Western ((31-99)) Western St ((1-99)) Westford Rd ((1-99)) Weymouth St ((1-99)) Whiting St ((1-99)) Wilkens St ((1-99)) Williams St ((33-399)) Winfield Ct ((1-99)) Winfield Rd ((1-99)) Wingate Rd ((1-99)) Winsted St ((1-99)) Woodbine St ((1-199)) Woodbury St ((1-199)) Woodland Ter ((1-99)) Wriston Dr ((1-99)) York St ((1-99)) Young Orchard Ave ((1-99))

    02906 Places and Attractions

    Aldrich Field (historical) Alperin Schechter Day School Alumnae Building American Baptist Church Andrews Building Andrews Memorial Building Archibald Building Arnold Lounge Athenaeum Row Baileys Butts Baileys Lower Cove Baileys Upper Cove Barbour Building Barker Playhouse Barus Building Barus-Holley Building Benefit Street School (historical) Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Beverage Brook Bigelow Lounge Blackstone Park Blackstone Pond Bronson Building Brown-Fox Point Early Childhood Education Center Brown Office Building Brown Stadium Brown University Bryant College Butler Hospital Cabinet Building Camp Street Community Ministries Carrie Tower Caswell Building Cat Swamp (historical) Central Baptist Church Central Congregational Church Champlin Building Chapin Building Churchill Building Church of the Redeemer Church of the Savior (historical) Cold Spring Point College Hill Congdon Street Baptist Church Congregation Beth Sholom Corliss Brackett Building Crook Point Dexter Asylum Dexter Asylum (historical) Doyle Avenue Historic District Dyer Building East Side Nursery School East Side Station Post Office Emery Building Ericson Athletic Complex Everett Building Feinstein Building Fellowship of House Church First Church of Christ Scientist First Unitarian Church of Providence Fourth Baptist Church Foxpoint Daycare Center Friends School Froebel School (historical) Fulton Building Giddings Building Gingerbread Island Globe Tavern (historical) Goose Point Grace Harbor Community Church Graduate Center Building Grant Building Great Swamp (historical) Grimshaw-Gudewicz Building Hackers Hall Harkness Building Hegeman Building Holy Name of Jesus School Hope College Hope High School Hope-Power-Cooke Streets Historic District Hoppin House Issac Ray Medical Library Ives Row Jameson Building Jewish Community Center of Rhode Island Preschool John Nicholas Brown Center J W Wilson Building Keeney Quad Ladd Observatory Lincoln Field Lincoln School Lincoln School (historical) Lippitt Memorial Park Machado Building MacMillan Building Marston Building Marvel Gym Building Masonic Temple Mead Building Meehan Building Meiklejohn Building Memorial Hospital Health Sciences Library Metcalf Building Metcalf Chemistry Building Miller Building Miriam Hospital Miriam Hospital Health Sciences Library Montessori Childrens House Morriss Building Moses Brown Farm (historical) Moses Brown Prepatory School Moshassuck Mount Hope Child Care Center Mount Hope Community Baptist Church Narrow Passage Ferry (historical) Nathan Bishop Middle School Nightingale-Brown House Norwood Building Ocean Tides School Olney Margolies Building Olney Street-Alumni Avenue Historic District Olney Street Baptist Church Orwig Music Building Orwig Music Library Pancake Island Partridge Annex Building Partridge Building Pembroke College Pembroke Hall Pembroke Library Brown University Perkins Building Peter Green Building Pizzitola Building Poland Building Presidents House Prince Building Prospect Terrace Park Providence Fire Department Brook Street Station Providence Fire Department Humboldt Avenue Station Providence Fire Department Rochambeau Avenue Station Providence Friends Meeting House Providence Hebrew Day School Providence Presbyterian Church PTC Elementary School Red Bridge Redeemer Church Regatta Point Rhode Island Jewish Historical Society Library Rhode Island School for the Deaf Library Rhode Island State School for the Deaf Robert L Bailey II Elementary School Robinson Hall Rochambeau Branch Providence Public Library Rochambeau Building Sabin Tavern (historical) Saint Martins Church Saint Sebastians Rectory Sarah Doyle Building Sayles Gym School One Sciences Library Brown University Sharpe Building Smith Swimming Pool Steinert Building Stimson Avenue Historic District Summit Ave School Swan Point Swan Point Cemetery Swearer Center Taft Avenue Daycare Center Temple Beth El Temple Emanuel Temple Emanuel Library T F Green Building The French American School of Rhode Island The Groden Center School The Providence Center School The Wheeler School The Wolf School Thomas Poynton Ives House Tillinghast Family Cemetery Twin Islands United Church of Christ United First Born Church of Jesus Christ United First Born of Jesus Church Vendata Society of Providence Walter Building Washington Bridge Watchemoket Watson Building Watson Institute Wayland Square Shopping Center White City Shopping Center Whitherby Park William G Braude Library Witherby Park Woods-Gerry Gallery Woods-Gerry Mansion Woolley Building WRIB-AM (Providence) York Pond