Foster, RI 02825 ZIP Code Map


Foster ZIP Codes

Rhode Island

02825 Schools


  • Capt. Isaac Paine El. School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 02825 is located in Providence County

    02825 Street Addresses

    Abbey Ln ((1-99)) Anthony Rd ((1-99)) Balcom Rd ((1-99)) Barbs Hill Rd ((1-99)) Bennett Hill Rd ((1-198)) Biscuit Hill Rd ((1-99)) Boss Rd ((2-99)) Boswell Trl ((2-99)) Brett Dr ((1-99)) Briggs Rd ((1-99)) Burgess Rd ((3-299)) Calvin French Rd ((1-99)) Cara Dr ((1-99)) Carpenter Rd ((97-356)) Central Pike ((2-198)) Charles Harpin Rd ((1-99)) Cole Ave ((2-14)) Cucumber Hill Rd ((3-199)) Danielson Pike ((2-1119)) E Killingly Rd ((3-298)) Foster Center Rd ((4-199)) Franklin Rd ((1-299)) George Washington Hwy ((5-260)) Gold Mine Rd ((1-199)) Grand Army Hwy ((2-1119)) Green Bush Rd ((1-199)) Harrington Rd ((1-99)) Hartford Pike ((62-299)) Heather Ln ((1-99)) Hemlock Rd ((1-99)) Hicks Way ((2-98)) Hope Furnace Rd ((806-1598)) Howard Hill Rd ((1-1299)) Isthmus Rd ((6-99)) Jencks Rd ((2-99)) Johnson Rd ((1-199)) Kate Randall Rd ((3-99)) Katie Ct ((1-99)) Kennedy Rd ((1-99)) King Randall Rd ((3-99)) King Rd ((1-99)) Lawrence Ln ((1-99)) Luther Rd ((1-99)) Mary Green Ln ((1-99)) Matteson Rd ((111-298)) Mill Rd ((1-99)) Moosup Valley Rd ((1-99)) Mount Hygeia Rd ((1-99)) Nipmuc Rd ((1-399)) North Rd ((1-99)) Oak Hill Rd ((1-99)) Oakwood Dr ((1-99)) Old Danielson Pike ((1-198)) Old Danlsn Pike ((1-99)) Old Hartford Pike ((62-299)) Old Plainfield Pike ((1-499)) Old Tunk Hill Rd ((1-99)) Overlook Trl ((1-99)) Paine Rd ((1-99)) Paris Olney Hopkins Rd ((1-99)) Pierce Rd ((2-99)) Pine Tree Ln ((1-99)) Plainfield Pike ((5-299)) Plain Woods Rd ((100-199)) Ponagansett Rd ((1-99)) Potter Rd ((1-99)) Rams Tail Rd ((0-99)) Ram Tail Rd ((0-9)) Rickard Rd ((1-99)) Rockland Cemetary Rd ((1-99)) Round Hill Rd ((6-99)) Rounds Ln ((1-99)) Salisbury Rd ((2-99)) Shippee Schoolhouse Rd ((2-99)) Shippee School House Rd ((1-299)) S Killingly Rd ((1-199)) Snagwood Rd ((2-99)) Spears Path ((1-99)) Spur Rd ((1-99)) Stanley Mowry Rd ((1-99)) State Hwy 101 ((62-299)) State Hwy 12 ((951-1099)) State Hwy 14 ((122-299)) State Hwy 94 ((4-198)) State Line Rd No 1 ((1-99)) Stephanie Dr ((1-99)) Stephen Hopkins Rd ((1-99)) Stoney Brook Ln ((1-99)) Stoney Brook Rd ((1-99)) Thomas Parker Rd ((1-99)) T Parker Rd ((2-6)) Tray Hollow Rd ((6-99)) Tucker Hollow Rd ((1-25)) Tunk Hill Rd ((701-1099)) US Hwy 6 ((11-299)) Vaz Way ((1-99)) Victory Hwy ((1-99)) Walker Rd ((0-99)) Wetherbee Rd ((1-99)) Whipoorwill Ter ((1-99)) Whispering Winds Way ((1-99)) Willoughby Young Rd ((1-99)) Winsor Rd ((1-199))

    02825 Places and Attractions

    Balm of Gilead Swamp Barbs Hill Barden Reservoir Bennett Hill Big Hill Biscuit Hill Captain Isaac Paine School Clark Pond Clayville Census Designated Place Clayville Church Clayville Historic District Cooke Store (historical) Cranberry Hill Cucumber Hill Dolly Cole Brook Fisher Country Club Foster Foster Ambulance Corps Foster Center Foster Center Census Designated Place Foster Center Fire Department Foster Center Historic District Foster Police Department Foster Public Library Foster Town Hall Gorham Farm Pond Gorham Farm Pond Dam Hannah Brook Hemlock Brook Honeypot Swamp Hopkins Cemetery Hopkins Cemetery Hopkins Mill Historic District Hopkins Mill Pond Dam Hopkins Mills Hopkins Mills Cemetery Hopkins Mills Pond Howard Hill Huntington Brook Jerimoth Hill Keech Pond Keech Pond Dam Killy Brook Mill Pond Dam Mooseup Valley Historic District Moosup Valley Moosup Valley Fire Department Moran Swamp Mount Hygeia Mount Misery Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Camp Mount Vernon Church Nipmuc Hill North Foster North Foster Baptist Church Old Howard Plot Paine Brook Phillips Cemetery Ponagansett Public Fishing Area Porters Pond Potterville Brook Potterville Fire Department Sandy Brook Cemetery Shippee Brook Shippee Sawmill Pond Simmons Corner South Foster South Foster Fire Department Spear Pond Stone Plot Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge Talcott Reservoir Dike Number 2 Town of Foster Tremont Pond Tunk Brook Tunk Hill Turkey Meadow Brook Tyler Free Library Westconnaug Reservoir Westconnaug Reservoir Dam West Meadow Brook Wilbur Hollow Brook Winsor Brook