Exeter, RI 02822 ZIP Code Map


Exeter ZIP Codes

Rhode Island

02822 Schools


  • Metcalf School
  • Wawaloam School
  • Camp E-Hun-Tee
  • Census



    ZIP Code 02822 is located in Washington County

    02822 Street Addresses

    1st St ((2-16)) 2nd St ((2-2)) Arnold Pl ((1-99)) Austin Farm Rd ((1-898)) Azalea Dr ((1-99)) Bates School House Rd ((1-299)) Bayview ((1-99)) Beechwood Hill Trl ((1-199)) Birch Dr ((1-99)) Black Horse Trl ((1-99)) Black Plain Rd ((1-199)) Briarwood Hill Rd ((1-99)) Brookridge Dr ((1-99)) Brown Pl ((1-99)) Camp E Huntee Pl ((1-99)) Cedar Grove Dr ((1-199)) Chappel Place Ln ((1-99)) Club Cir ((1-99)) Cobblestone Hill Rd ((1-99)) Colony Ct ((1-99)) Deerbrook ((1-199)) Delano Dr ((100-399)) Dolly Pond Rd ((1-99)) Dorset Mill Rd ((1-99)) Eban Slocum Rd ((1-199)) Enwright Ct ((1-99)) Eric John Ct ((1-99)) Escoheag Hill Rd ((2-599)) E Shore Dr ((1-299)) Estate Dr ((1-99)) Everett Salisbury Ln ((1-99)) Evergreen Dr ((1-99)) Exeter Rd ((2-98)) Falcon Ridge Dr ((1-199)) Field View Dr ((2-98)) Forest Hills Dr ((1-99)) Fry Pond Rd ((312-498)) Gardner Rd ((500-799)) Gentry Cir ((1-99)) Gladys Kenyon Rd ((1-99)) Glen Rock Rd ((1-899)) Hallene Pl ((1-99)) Hallville Rd ((1-399)) Hemlock Dr ((1-99)) Hemsley Pl ((1-99)) Hiawatha Dr ((1-99)) Hiawatha Rd ((1-99)) Hillside Dr ((1-99)) Hog House Hill Rd ((1-298)) Hopkins Hill Rd ((1-199)) Hummingbird Blvd ((2-98)) Industrial Dr ((1-199)) James Pl ((1-99)) Jeannette Ct ((1-99)) Kayla Ricci Way ((2-98)) Kimberly Hope Ln ((1-99)) Kingston Rd ((2-398)) Kings Xing ((1-99)) Lantern Ln ((1-199)) Laurel Rd ((1-99)) Levitt Ln ((1-798)) Liberty Church Rd ((1-599)) Liberty Rd ((1-499)) Locust Valley Ct ((2-98)) Locust Valley Rd ((1-199)) Lodge Rd ((1-199)) Maguire Pl ((1-99)) Mail Rd ((1-699)) Main St ((201-299)) Mancini Pl ((1-99)) Mary Ann Dr ((1-99)) Meadow View Ct ((2-98)) Mia Ct ((1-99)) Mill Pond Rd ((2-199)) Minkema Rd ((1-99)) Miskiana Trl ((1-799)) Mockingbird Dr ((1-99)) Mount Tom Rd ((1-299)) Narrow Ln ((2-299)) Nelson Dr ((1-99)) New Rd ((1-299)) Nooseneck Hill Rd ((1-699)) Oak Hill Dr ((1-99)) Old Nooseneck Rd ((1-299)) Old Voluntown Rd ((1-299)) Pardon Joslin Rd ((1-298)) Partridge Dr ((1-99)) Pheasant Dr ((1-99)) Pinecrest Dr ((1-199)) Pinoak Dr ((1-99)) Preservation Dr ((1-99)) Purgatory Rd ((1-299)) Quail Hollow Dr ((1-99)) Queens Fort Ln ((1-99)) Raymond Potter Rd ((1-198)) Reuben Brown Ln ((1-99)) Ridge Dr ((1-299)) Robin Dr ((1-99)) Rolling Hill Dr ((1-99)) Rose Dr ((1-99)) Sara Dr ((1-99)) Scenic Way ((1-199)) Schartner Pl ((1-99)) School Land Rd ((1-299)) School Land Woods Rd ((1-299)) S County Trl ((1-899)) Shannon Rd ((1-99)) Sheffield Hill Rd ((1-299)) Short Rd ((2-98)) Skunk Hill Rd ((1-398)) Slocumville Rd ((220-499)) Sodom Trl ((1-99)) South Rd ((1-499)) Stamp Pl ((1-99)) State Hwy 102 ((1-1041)) State Hwy 165 ((1251-2899)) State Hwy 2 ((1-899)) State Hwy 3 ((1-699)) Stony Ln ((1-399)) Summit Rd ((1-499)) Sunderland Rd ((1-199)) Sweet Laurel Ln ((1-99)) Tarbox Dr ((1-99)) Teft Hill Rd ((101-199)) Ten Rod Rd ((1-2899)) Town Hall Rd ((1-199)) Tripps Corner Rd ((1-599)) Veterans Pl ((1-99)) Victory Hwy ((240-599)) Whispering Pine Way ((2-199)) Widow Sweets Rd ((1-999)) William Reynolds Rd ((1-699)) Windrose Cir ((1-99)) Wolf Rock Rd ((1-399)) Woodbine Ln ((1-99)) Woody Hill Rd ((1-412)) W Shore Dr ((1-299)) Yawgoo Valley Rd ((100-599))

    02822 Places and Attractions

    Albert Farms Airport Albert Sweet Lot Allen Lot Amos Whitford Lot Anthony-Arnold Lot Arcadia Management Area Arnold Cemetery Arrow Swamp Austin Austin Cemetery Austin Farm Pond Austin School (historical) Bald Hill Baptist Plantations Barber Cemetery Barber Lot Barber Lot Barber Lot Bates Lot Beach Pond Forest Environment Site Bear Swamp Black Plain Bliven Burial Ground Boone Family Lot Boone Lake Boone Lake Dam Boon Lake Brainard Lot Braman Lot Breakheart Brook Breakheart Pond Breakheart Pond Dam Browning Mill Pond Browning Mill Pond Dam Camp Fire Girls Camp (historical) Card Lot Casey Hill Cezar Onion Lot Champlin-Greene Burial Ground Chapman Cemetery Chestnut Hill Baptist Church Chestnut Hill Cemetery Chestnut Hill School (historical) Crandall Lot Dawley-Brown Lot Dawley Lot Dawley Lot Dawley Memorial State Park Dawley Pond Dawley-Straight Lot Deep Pond Deep Pond Doctor Joseph H Ladd School Dowley Lot Dumping Rock Dutemple Brook Dye Hill Edwards Pond Eleazer Slocum Lot Exeter Exeter Census Designated Place Exeter Country Club Exeter Fire Department 1 Station 1 Exeter Fire Department 1 Station 4 Exeter Fire Department 2 Station 2 Exeter Fire Department 2 Station 3 Exeter Hill Exeter Historical Cemetery Exeter Patrol Barracks Exeter Rescue Corps Exeter School Cemetery Exeter Town Constable Exeter Town Hall Exeter Volunteer Company Number 1 Fisherville Fisherville Brook Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge Flat River Gardner Lot Gardner Lot Gardner Lot Gardner Lot Gardners Corner Hall School (historical) Hallville Pond Hathaway Cemetery Hazard Sherman Lot Henry Barber Lot Horn Heap Indian Rock Cemetery James Lot James Pond Job Kenyon Lot Lewis City Lewis Family Cemetery Lewis Family Cemetery Lewis-Himes-Tillinghast Lot Lewis Lot Liberty Liberty Church Lillibridge Burial Ground Lillibridge Cemetery Lillibridge Lot Lillibridge Lot Locke Brook Locke Cemetery Locke Swamp Lockwood Lot Manton Free Library Metcalf Wildlife Marsh Metcalf Wildlife Marsh Dam Millbrook Pond Millbrook Pond Dam Millville Miskiania Camp Money Swamp Money Swamp Pond Mount Tom Mount Tom Club Wildlife Marsh Mount Tom Club Wildlife Marsh Dam Nuweetooun School Oak Harbor Village Shopping Center Old Baptist Church Yard Old Exeter Poor Farm (historical) Old Gardner Cemetery Parris Brook Pendock Brook Pepper Pond Camp Perkins Family Lot Perkins Lot Perkins Lot Phillips Cemetery Pine Hill Pine Hill Pine Hill Lookout Tower Potter Lot Potter Lot Preacher Smart Burial Yard Queens Fort Brook Queens Fort (historical) Ray Lot Reuben Brown Brook Reverend Solomon Sprague Lot Reynolds Lot Rhode Island State Hospital (historical) Rhode Island State Veteran Cemetery Richmond Family Lot Richmond Lot Rose Lot Samuel Arnold Lot Sheldon Lot Sherman Burial Ground Sherman Lot Sherman Lot Sherman Lot Shrub Hill Slocum Reservoir Slocum Reservoir Dam Sodom Brook Straight Lot Sunderland-Tarbox Lot Sweet Lot Sweet-Tripp Lot Tefft Family Cemetery The Reservoir Thomas Wilcox Lot Tillinghast Lot Tillinghast Lot Tillinghast Lot Tisdale Lot Tomaquag Indian Museum Town of Exeter Tripp Family Lott Tripps Corner Walker Lot Warwick Sportsmans Club Wawaloam School West Exeter Church Whitford Cemetery Whitford Lot Whitford Lot Whitman-Thurston Lot Wilcox-Durfee Lot Wilcox Lot Willcox Lot Willcox-Tate Lot Wolf Rocks Woody Hill Woody Hill Brook Yawgoo Mill Pond Yawgoo Valley Ski and Recreation Area Yorker Hill Yorker Mill Pond Yorker Mill Pond Dam