Cambridge, MA 02139 ZIP Code Map


02139 Schools


  • Amigos School
  • Fletcher/Maynard Academy
  • Morse
  • Kennedy-Longfellow
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • King Open
  • Cambridgeport
  • Prospect Hill Academy Charter School
  • 02139 Hotels

  • Courtyard by Marriott Boston-Cambridge
  • Harding House
  • Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Overlooking Boston
  • Le Meridien Cambridge-MIT
  • Whitman House
  • Census


    ZIP Code 02139 is located in Middlesex County

    02139 Street Addresses

    Acorn St ((1-99)) Albany St ((1-399)) Allston Ct ((1-99)) Allston St ((1-399)) Amesbury St ((1-99)) Ames St ((3-99)) Amherst St ((1-199)) Amory Pl ((1-99)) Amory St ((1-199)) Andrew St ((1-99)) Antrim St ((1-199)) Arnold Cir ((1-99)) Ashburton Pl ((1-99)) Auburn Park ((1-99)) Auburn St ((1-299)) Audrey St ((1-99)) Austin Park ((1-199)) Ballord Pl ((1-99)) Bancroft St ((1-99)) Bay St ((1-99)) Belvidere Pl ((1-99)) Bigelow St ((1-99)) Binney St ((300-499)) Bishop Richard Allen Dr ((1-199)) Blackstone St ((2-99)) Blanche St ((1-99)) Boardman Pl ((1-99)) Boardman St ((1-99)) Bristol St ((74-199)) Broadway ((1-457)) Broadway Ter ((1-398)) Brookline Pl ((1-99)) Brookline St ((1-499)) Callender St ((1-99)) Cambridge St ((1041-1575)) Camelia Ave ((1-99)) Carlisle St ((1-99)) Central Sq ((1-99)) Centre St ((1-99)) Chalk St ((1-99)) Chatham St ((1-99)) Cherry Ct ((1-99)) Cherry St ((1-199)) Chestnut St ((1-299)) Clark St ((100-299)) Clary St ((1-99)) Clinton St ((1-99)) Columbia St ((1-278)) Columbia Ter ((1-99)) Corliss Pl ((1-99)) Cottage Ct ((1-99)) Cottage Row ((1-99)) Cottage St ((2-99)) Crawford St ((1-99)) Crossland St ((2-99)) Cross St ((1-99)) Davis St ((1-99)) Decatur St ((1-99)) Dickinson St ((1-99)) Dodge St ((1-99)) Douglas St ((1-99)) Eaton St ((1-99)) Ellsworth Ave ((1-99)) Ellsworth Park ((1-99)) Elm St ((1-399)) Emily St ((1-99)) Endicott St ((1-99)) Erie St ((1-299)) Essex St ((1-99)) Fainwood Cir ((1-99)) Fairmont Ave ((1-99)) Fairmont St ((1-99)) Farrell Way ((1-99)) Fayette Park ((1-99)) Fayette St ((1-99)) Fiske Pl ((1-99)) Fisk Pl ((1-99)) Florence St ((1-99)) Fort Washington Pl ((1-99)) Franklin Pl ((1-99)) Franklin St ((1-699)) Front St ((1-99)) Gardner Rd ((1-99)) Gilmore St ((1-99)) Glenn Ter ((1-99)) Glenwood Ave ((1-99)) Goodman Rd ((1-99)) Gordon Pl ((1-99)) Granite St ((1-99)) Greenough Ave ((1-99)) Green St ((1-798)) Grove Ave ((1-99)) Hamilton St ((1-299)) Hampshire Ct ((1-99)) Hampshire Pl ((1-99)) Hampshire St ((1-299)) Hancock Park ((1-198)) Hancock Pl ((1-198)) Hancock St ((1-398)) Harold Pl ((1-99)) Harvard St ((100-344)) Hastings Sq ((1-99)) Hayes St ((1-99)) Henry St ((1-199)) Hews St ((1-99)) Highland Ave ((2-99)) Highland Park ((1-99)) Houghton St ((2-20)) Howard St ((1-199)) Inman Ct ((1-99)) Inman Pl ((1-99)) Inman St ((1-199)) Jackson Gardens ((1-99)) Jay St ((1-99)) Jay Street Pl ((1-99)) Kelly Rd ((1-99)) Kenwood St ((1-99)) King Pl ((1-99)) Kinnaird St ((1-199)) Lamson Pl ((1-99)) Landsdowne St ((1-198)) Laurel St ((1-99)) Lawrence St ((1-99)) Lee St ((1-99)) Leonard Ave ((1-99)) Lincoln Pl ((1-99)) Linwood Pl ((1-99)) Lopez St ((1-99)) Magazine Ct ((2-98)) Magazine St ((1-299)) Magee St ((1-99)) Main St ((1-999)) Maple Ave ((1-99)) Marie Ave ((1-99)) Market St ((1-99)) Marvin Pl ((1-99)) Massachusetts Ave ((1-1499)) McTernan St ((1-99)) Memorial Dr ((52-959)) Merriam St ((1-99)) Merrill St ((1-99)) Mildred Hamilton Pl ((1-99)) Montague ((1-99)) Montague St ((1-99)) Moore St ((1-199)) Murdock St ((1-99)) Newton St ((1-99)) Norfolk Ct ((1-99)) Norfolk St ((1-499)) Norfolk Ter ((1-99)) Oakland St ((2-199)) Oak St ((15-26)) Osborne St ((1-99)) Pacific St ((1-199)) Pearl St ((1-399)) Pearl Street Pl ((1-99)) Percy Pl ((1-99)) Perry St ((1-99)) Peters St ((1-99)) Pilgrim St ((1-99)) Pine St ((1-199)) Pleasant Pl ((1-99)) Pleasant St ((1-299)) Pond Pl ((1-99)) Porrington St ((1-99)) Portland St ((1-199)) Prince St ((1-99)) Princeton Ave ((1-99)) Prospect St ((1-399)) Putnam Ave ((1-699)) Putnam Ct ((1-99)) Putnam Gdns ((1-99)) Richardson St ((1-99)) Riverside Pl ((1-99)) Riverside Rd ((1-99)) River St ((1-399)) Rockingham Pl ((1-99)) Rockingham St ((1-99)) Rockwell St ((1-99)) Rollins Ct ((1-99)) Rumeal Robinson Pl ((1-99)) Salem St ((1-99)) School St ((1-199)) Scouting Way ((1-99)) Sellers St ((1-99)) Sidney St ((1-399)) Smart St ((1-99)) Soden Pl ((1-99)) Soden St ((1-99)) Speridakis Ter ((1-99)) Springfield St ((1-26)) State Hwy 2 ((642-886)) State Hwy 2 Alt ((2-1000)) State St ((1-99)) Stinson Ct ((1-99)) St Mary Rd ((1-99)) St Paul St ((1-99)) Suffolk St ((1-99)) Talbot St ((1-99)) Technology Sq ((200-599)) Temple St ((1-99)) Tremont St ((2-172)) Tudor St ((1-99)) Tufts St ((1-99)) Union St ((1-23)) Upton St ((1-99)) US Hwy 3 ((228-886)) Vail Ct ((1-99)) Valentine Pl ((1-99)) Valentine St ((1-99)) Vassar St ((1-499)) Village St ((1-99)) Walbro St ((1-99)) Washington Ct ((1-99)) Washington St ((1-499)) Watson St ((1-99)) Waverly St ((1-199)) Wellesley St ((1-99)) Westacott Ct ((1-99)) Western Ave ((1-498)) West Pl ((4-99)) West St ((1-99)) Whitney Ave ((1-99)) Whitney Ct ((1-99)) William St ((1-99)) Windsor St ((1-498)) Woodrow Wilson Ct ((1-99)) Worcester St ((1-99))

    02139 Places and Attractions

    Albany Street Garage Alumni Center Alumni Swimming Pool Amigos School Antioch Temple Apostolic Pentecostal Church Ashdown House Baker House Berkland Baptist Church Bexley Hall Bitter National Magnet Laboratory Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church Boston University Bridge Boston University Bridge Briggs Field Briggs Field House Brown Building Burton House Bush Building Cambridge Cambridge City Hall Cambridge City Hall Annex Cambridge City Hospital Cambridge College Cambridge Fire Department Station 2 Cambridge Fire Department Station 5 Cambridge Fire Department Station 6 Cambridge Health Alliance Cambridge Campus Cambridge Hospital Cambridge Hospital Outreach Cambridgeport Cambridgeport Baptist Church Cambridgeport School Cambridge Public Works Cambridge Street Bridge Cantabridgia Health Care Center Carr Tennis Facility Center for Advanced Engineering Study Central Plaza Shopping Center Central Square Central Square Branch Cambridge Public Library Central Square Mall Shopping Center Christian Life Center Christian Mission Holiness Church Church in Cambridge Church of God of Prophecy Church of the Nazarene Clark Building Columbia Park Community Garden Compton Gallery Compton Laboratories Dana Park Dorrance Building Duffett Tot Lot DuPont Athletic Center East Campus Alumni Houses Eastman Research Laboratory East Parking Garage Edgerton Germeshausen and Grier Education Center Edgerton House Fairchild Building East Wing Fairchild Building West Wing Faith Lutheran Church Farr Academy First Baptist Church First Korean Church in Cambridge Fletcher Elementary School Fletchers School Fort Washington Park Fulmore Park German International School Boston Gospel Hall Grace United Methodist Church Graham and Parks Alternative School Graham and Parks School Library Great Court Green Building Green Hall Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory Harlow Square Hastings Square Hayden Building Hayden Memorial Library Homberg Building Hoyt Field Islamic Center of Boston Jackson Building Jackson Gardens J E Maynard School Johnson Athletics Center Killian King Open School King Open School Library Kresge Auditorium LaFayette Square Lombardi Municipal Building Longfellow Elementary School Lowell Court MacGregor House Magazine Beach Margaret Fuller House Martin Luther King School Massachusetts Avenue Baptist Church Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chapel Massachusetts Institute of Technology Medical Department Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sailing Pavilion McCormick Hall McCusker Center McDermott Court McLaurin Building McNair Center for Space Research M L King - Amigos School Library Monroe Building Moore Youth Center Morse Playground Morse School Morse School Library Media Center Morse School Playground New West Campus Houses Old Morse Park Opportunity Job Center Osborne Building Parsons Laboratory for Water Resources and Hydrodynamics Pentecostal Tabernacle Peters Park Pierce Boathouse Pierce Engineering Laboratory Portuguese Baptist Church Pratt School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Ralph Landau Building Random Hall Regional Center for Healthy Communities Library Riverside Health Center Riverside Press Park River Street Bridge Robert Paine Square Playground Rockwell Cage Rogers Building Rush African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Saint Bartholomews Episcopal Church Saint Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church Saint Marys Church of the Annunciation Catholic Church Saint Marys Orthodox Church Saint Peters Episcopal Church Salt Marsh Santo Cristo Center Sennott Park Shallow Playground Sloan Labs for Aircraft and Auto Engineering Sloan Metals Processing Laboratory Spectroscopy Laboratory Steinbrenner Stadium Stop amd Shop Center Stratton Student Center Tang Residence Hall Technology Square University Park Walker Memorial Building Western Avenue Baptist Church Western Avenue Bridge West Garage Whitaker Building Whitehead Institute Wilder Play Area Wood Building Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel YMCA YWCA