Cambridge, MA 02138 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 02138 is located in Middlesex County

02138 Street Addresses

Aberdeen Ave ((1-199)) Aberdeen Ct ((1-99)) Aberdeen Way ((1-99)) Acacia St ((1-99)) Adams Ter ((1-99)) Alewife Brook Pkwy ((159-599)) Alpine St ((1-199)) Appian Way ((1-99)) Appleton Rd ((1-99)) Appleton St ((1-299)) Appleton Ter ((1-198)) Arrow St ((1-99)) Arsenal Sq ((1-99)) Ash St ((1-99)) Ash Street Pl ((1-99)) Ashton Pl ((1-99)) Athens St ((2-99)) Athens Ter ((2-99)) Avon St ((1-99)) Baldwin Street Ct ((1-99)) Banks St ((1-299)) Bay State Rd ((1-99)) Bellis Cir ((1-99)) Belmont St ((1-109)) Bennett St ((1-99)) Berkeley Pl ((1-99)) Berkeley St ((1-99)) Birch St ((1-99)) Blakeslee St ((1-99)) Blanchard Rd ((1-252)) Bond St ((1-99)) Bowdoin St ((1-99)) Bow St ((1-99)) Boyle Ter ((1-99)) Bradbury St ((1-99)) Brattle Cir ((1-298)) Brattle Sq ((1-99)) Brattle St ((1-299)) Brewer St ((1-99)) Brewster St ((1-99)) Broadway ((407-599)) Broadway Ct ((3-498)) Brookline St ((20-27)) Brown St ((1-99)) Bryant St ((1-99)) Buckingham Pl ((1-99)) Buckingham St ((1-99)) Cambridge St ((1562-1899)) Camden Pl ((1-99)) Carver St ((1-99)) Channing Cir ((1-99)) Channing Pl ((1-99)) Channing St ((1-99)) Chapman Pl ((2-99)) Chauncy Ln ((1-99)) Chauncy St ((1-99)) Chauncy Ter ((1-99)) Chilton St ((1-199)) Church St ((2-99)) Clement Cir ((1-99)) Cleveland St ((1-99)) Concord Ave ((1-767)) Concord Ln ((1-99)) Coolidge Ave ((1-198)) Coolidge Hill ((100-199)) Coolidge Hill Rd ((1-199)) Copley St ((1-99)) Corcoran Ln ((1-199)) Corcoran Way ((1-199)) Corporal Burns Rd ((1-99)) Cowperthwaite St ((1-99)) Craigie Cir ((1-99)) Craigie St ((1-99)) Crescent St ((1-99)) Cushing St ((1-199)) Cutler Ave ((1-99)) Dana Pl ((1-99)) Dana St ((1-99)) Dewolfe St ((1-621)) Dinsmore Ct ((1-99)) Divinity Ave ((1-99)) Doane St ((1-99)) Donnell St ((1-99)) Dunstable Rd ((1-99)) Dunster St ((1-199)) Edward Sullivan Rd ((1-99)) Eliot Sq ((1-99)) Eliot St ((1-99)) Ellery Pl ((1-99)) Ellery Sq ((1-99)) Ellery St ((1-199)) Elmer St ((1-99)) Elmwood Ave ((1-99)) Emmons Pl ((1-99)) Ericsson St ((93-99)) Everett St ((1-99)) Fairview Ave ((1-99)) Fallon Pl ((1-99)) Farrar St ((1-99)) Farwell Pl ((1-99)) Fawcett St ((1-199)) Fayerweather St ((1-299)) Felton St ((1-99)) Fenno St ((1-99)) Fernald Dr ((1-99)) Fern St ((1-99)) Field St ((1-99)) Flagg St ((1-99)) Follen Ln ((1-99)) Follen St ((1-99)) Foster Pl ((1-99)) Foster St ((1-199)) Fountain Ter ((1-99)) Francis Ave ((1-99)) Fresh Pond Ln ((1-99)) Fresh Pond Pkwy ((1-399)) Fresh Pond Pl ((1-99)) Frisbie Pl ((1-99)) Fuller Pl ((1-99)) Garden Ct ((1-99)) Garden Ln ((1-99)) Garden St ((2-398)) Garden Ter ((1-99)) Garfield St ((1-99)) Gerrys Landing Rd ((1-99)) Gerry St ((1-99)) Gibson St ((2-99)) Gorham St ((1-99)) Gracewood Park ((1-99)) Grant St ((1-99)) Granville Rd ((1-99)) Gray Gardens E ((2-99)) Gray Gardens W ((1-30)) Gray St ((1-99)) Greenough Blvd ((1-199)) Griswold St ((1-199)) Grove St ((155-299)) Grozier Rd ((1-199)) Gurney St ((1-99)) Hammond St ((1-199)) Harvard St ((341-499)) Hawthorne Park ((1-99)) Hawthorn St ((1-99)) Hazel St ((1-99)) Healey St ((1-99)) Hemlock Rd ((1-99)) Highland St ((1-99)) High St ((1-99)) Hilliard Pl ((1-99)) Hilliard St ((1-99)) Hingham St ((1-99)) Holden Green ((100-399)) Holden St ((1-398)) Holly Ave ((1-99)) Holmes St ((1-99)) Holworthy Pl ((1-99)) Holworthy St ((1-299)) Holworthy Ter ((1-198)) Holyoke Pl ((1-99)) Holyoke St ((0-99)) Homer Ave ((1-99)) Hovey Ave ((1-99)) Howland St ((1-99)) Hubbard Park Rd ((1-99)) Hudson Pl ((1-99)) Hudson St ((1-99)) Hurlbut St ((1-99)) Huron Ave ((1-799)) Hutchinson St ((1-99)) Irving St ((1-199)) Irving Ter ((1-99)) Ivy St ((1-99)) James St ((1-99)) Jarvis St ((1-99)) Jfk St ((1-199)) Kelley St ((1-99)) Kennedy Rd ((1-99)) Kenway St ((1-99)) Kirkland Pl ((1-99)) Kirkland Rd ((1-99)) Kirkland St ((1-198)) Lake View Ave ((1-299)) Lamont Ave ((1-99)) Langdon Sq ((1-99)) Langdon St ((1-99)) Larch Rd ((1-299)) Larchwood Dr ((1-199)) Lawn Ct ((1-99)) Lawn St ((1-99)) Lexington Ave ((1-299)) Lincoln Ln ((1-99)) Linden St ((1-99)) Line St ((1-199)) Linnaean St ((1-99)) Locust St ((1-99)) Locust Ter ((1-99)) Longfellow Park ((1-99)) Longfellow Rd ((1-99)) Loomis St ((1-99)) Lowell St ((1-99)) Madison St ((1-99)) Magnolia Ave ((1-99)) Malcolm Rd ((1-99)) Manassas Ave ((1-99)) Martin St ((1-798)) Mason St ((1-99)) Massachusetts Ave ((985-1740)) Maynard Pl ((1-99)) May St ((1-99)) Meadow Way ((1-99)) Mellen St ((1-99)) Memorial Dr ((660-1099)) Mercer Cir ((1-99)) Mifflin Pl ((1-99)) Mill St ((1-99)) Mooney St ((1-99)) Moulton St ((1-99)) Mount Auburn St ((1-701)) Museum St ((1-198)) Myrtle Ave ((1-99)) New St ((1-199)) Nichols Pl ((1-99)) Normandy Ave ((1-199)) Normandy Ter ((1-99)) Normandy Ter Exn ((1-99)) Norman St ((1-99)) Norton Pl ((1-99)) Norumbega St ((1-99)) Nutting Rd ((1-99)) Old Dee Rd ((1-99)) Orrin St ((1-99)) Oxford Ave ((71-99)) Oxford St ((1-112)) Palmer St ((1-99)) Park Ave ((1-99)) Parker St ((1-99)) Parkway Ter ((1-99)) Peabody Ter ((1-99)) Phillips Pl ((1-99)) Plympton St ((1-199)) Poplar Rd ((1-99)) Potter Park ((1-99)) Prescott St ((1-99)) Puckertoot Rd ((28-199)) Quincy St ((1-99)) Raymond St ((18-45)) Remington St ((1-99)) Reservoir St ((1-99)) Revere St ((1-99)) Ridgely Ct ((1-99)) Riedesel Ave ((1-99)) Roberts Rd ((1-99)) Robinson St ((1-99)) Ross St ((1-99)) Royal Ave ((1-99)) Rutland St ((1-99)) Sacramento Pl ((1-99)) Sacramento St ((1-75)) Saville St ((1-99)) Scott St ((1-99)) Sedgewick Rd ((1-99)) Shady Hill Rd ((1-99)) Shady Hill Sq ((1-99)) Shaler Ln ((1-99)) Shepard St ((1-99)) Sherman St ((1-43)) Sibley Ct ((1-99)) Smith Pl ((1-199)) S Normandy Ave ((1-199)) South St ((1-99)) Sparks Pl ((1-99)) Sparks St ((1-199)) Spinelli Pl ((1-99)) Spruce Ave ((1-99)) Standish St ((1-99)) State Hwy 16 ((2-701)) State Hwy 2 ((1-1099)) State Hwy 2 Alt ((985-1737)) Stearns St ((1-99)) St Johns Rd ((1-99)) Story St ((1-99)) St Sauveur Ct ((1-99)) Sumner Rd ((1-99)) Sunset Rd ((1-99)) Surrey St ((1-99)) Terminal Rd ((1-299)) Thingvalla Ave ((2-99)) Tierney St ((1-99)) Traill St ((1-99)) Trowbridge Pl ((1-99)) Trowbridge St ((1-199)) Trowbridge Ter ((1-99)) University Rd ((1-99)) US Hwy 3 ((1-1099)) Vassal Ln ((1-299)) Vineyard St ((1-99)) Walden St ((2-499)) Walker Ct ((1-99)) Walker St ((1-199)) Walker Street Pl ((1-99)) Walker Ter ((1-99)) Ware St ((1-99)) Waterhouse St ((1-99)) Waterman Rd ((1-99)) W Bellevue Ave ((1-99)) Wendell St ((3-199)) Wheeler St ((1-99)) Whittier St ((15-17)) Willard St ((1-99)) Willard Street Ct ((1-99)) Wilson Ave ((5-99)) Wilson Rd ((1-99)) Winslow St ((1-99)) Winthrop St ((1-199)) Worthington St ((1-99)) Wright St ((1-99)) Wyman Rd ((1-99))

02138 Places and Attractions

Agassiz Community Center Agassiz School Aggasiz House Aiken Building Alden Play Area American Academy of Arts and Sciences Ames Building Anderson Bridge Andover Building Andover-Harvard Theological Library Arsenal Square Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America Arthur M Sackler Museum Austin Hall Bakalar Library Baker Alumni Center Belfer Building Blacks Nook Blue Hill Meteorlogical Observatory Library Boothby Building Boston Arch Choir School Brattle Hall Brattle Square Brattle Theatre Browne-Nichols School Buckingham Browne Nichols School Buckingham-Browne-Nichols School Buckingham Building Buckingham School Burial Hill Cemetery Burns Playground Busch Reisinger Building Busch-Reisinger Museum Byerly Hall Cabot House Callanan Playground Cambridge Cemetery Cambridge City Infirmary Cambridge Common Cambridge Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters Cambridge Fire Department Station 8 Cambridge Fire Department Station 9 Cambridge Guidance Center Cambridge High School Cambridge Montessori Cambridge Montessori School Cambridge Post Office Cambridge Public Library Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts Charles Square Associates Fire Command Center Child Building Christ Church Christ Church Christ Episcopal Church City of Cambridge Compass Building Converse Building Coolidge Building Coolidge Hill Crockett Building Cruft Building Currier Building Cyclotran Dana Hill Dane Building Dawes Island Park Dexter Pratt Hospital Divinity Hall Doble Building Dudley House Dunster House Edna Kuhn Loeb Music Library Eliot House Ellis School Emerson Hall Episcopal Divinity School Episcopal Divinity School Library Fairchild Building Fayerweather Street School Fay House First Church Congregational First Church of Christ Scientist First Congregational Church First Parish Church First Unitarian Church Fogg Museum Frances Loeb Library Fresh Pond Fresh Pond Golf Course Fresh Pond Mall Shopping Center Fresh Pond Municipal Golf Course Fresh Pond Shopping Center Friends Meeting House Gannett Building Gibbs Building Glacken Field Glennon Building Godfrey Lowell Cabot Science Library Gordon McKay Building of Engineering and Applied Physics Gordon McKay Library Gore Hall Gund Hall Gustave M Solomons Transportation Career Center Gutman Library Research Center Haggerty Elementary School Harkness Commons Harkness Graduate Center Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library Harvard Coop Harvard Epworth United Methodist Church Harvard Hall Harvard Observatory Harvard-Radcliffe Catholic Student Center Harvard Square Harvard University Harvard University Botanical Museum Harvard University Divinity School Harvard University Fine Arts Library Harvard University Geological and Mineral Museum Harvard University Law School Library Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology Library Harvard University Museums of Natural History Harvard University Physics Research Library Harvard University Psychology Research Library Harvard University Stillman Infirmary Harvard Yard Harvard-Yenching Library Haskins Building Hastings Building Hauser Building Havard University HCHP Hospital Hemenway Building Hilles Library Hillside House Hoffman Building Holden Chapel (historical) Hollis Building Holmes Building Holworthy Hall Holy Ghost Hospital Holyoke Center Holy Trinity Armenian Church Hooper-Lee-Nichols House Houghton Library Huron Village Ignatius House James Russell Lowell School Jefferson Physical Laboratory Jenkes Building Jewett Building John Bridge Statue John F Kennedy Park John F Kennedy School of Government John F Kennedy School of Government Library John Harvard Statue John M Tobin School John W Weeks Pedestrian Bridge Kennedy School of Government Kingsley Park Kirkland Building Kirkland Building Kirkland Building Kresge Building Kummel Library of Geological Sciences Lamont Library Lampoon Building Langdell Hall Larchwood Larsen Building Law School Yard Lesley College Leverett House Leverett Towers Library Park Lily Pond Lippman Building Littauer Building Littauer Center Littauer Library Little Fresh Pond Loeb Building Loeb Drama Center Longfellow Building Longfellow Home Longfellow Park Longly School of Music Longy School of Music Lowell House Lowell Lecture Hall Lowell Park Lusitania Field Lyman Building MacCormack Building Malkin Athletic Center Malkin Quad Mallinckrodt Hall Maloch Building Maria L Baldwin School Massachusetts Hall Mather Hall Mather House Mayor Danehy Park McKay Library McKenzie Building McKinlock Hall McNamee Square Mellen Building Memorial Church Memorial Hall Mormon Center Mount Auburn Mount Auburn Hospital Mount Auburn Hospital Health Sciences Library Mower Building Murray Research Center Neville Manor New Yard North Building O'Connor Building Old Burying Ground Old Cambridge Old Cambridge Baptist Church Old Cambridge Baptist Church School Oxford Building Paine Building Peabody Elementary School Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology Peabody Terrace Pearl K Wise Library Perkins Building Pickman Meditation Center Pierce Hall Pound Building Professional Ambulance and Oxygen Pusey Library Putnam Building Quincy House Radcliffe College Radcliffe College Radcliffe Dance Center Radcliffe Gymnasium (historical) Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies Radcliffe Residential Quadrangle Reed Building Richards Building Rindge School Robinson Hall Rockefeller Building Rothlis Park Russell School Sacrament Field Saint Johns High School Saint Pauls Catholic Church Saint Pauls School Saint Peters Field Saint Peters School Sancta Maria Hospital (historical) Sanders Theater Semitic Museum Sever Hall Sever Quadrangle Shady Hill School Shady Hill School Library Shannon Building Shaw Building Sherman Fairchild Biochemical Laboratories Sparks Hall Standish Hall Story Building Stoughton Building Strawberry Hill Taubman Center Thayer Hall The Atrium Shopping Center Tozzer Library Transcendental Meditation Center Trowbridge Building Tudor Park Ukranian Research Institute University Hall Vanserg Building Walker Building War Memorial Washington Elm (historical) Weld Boathouse Werner Otto Hall Western Avenue Bridge Western School of Theology Weston Jesuit School Weston Jesuit School Library White Building WHRB-FM (Cambridge) William James Hall Wilson Building WLVG-AM (Cambridge) World Religions Center Wyeth Building Youville Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Youville Hospital Nursing School Youville Hospital School of Practical Nursing Library